Business resilience: How is it measured?

You may have noticed a trend in our last few blogs—we have focused heavily on business resilience. It is defined as, “the ability of an enterprise to successfully handle and engage with a crisis and return back to the pre-crisis levels or status quo”. Business resilience can and should be incorporated into nearly every facet of your organization, including your learning and development strategy.

But how can this resilience be measured? Data will be integral in measuring a businesses’ resilience, as well as other key metrics. Gartner predicts that by 2022, “70% of organizations will rigorously track data quality levels via metrics, increasing data quality by 60% to significantly reduce operational risks and costs.”

To meet the demands of visibility, tech giants have developed technologies to give businesses greater insight into their data. To help answer the questions all businesses are asking in this era of disruption, Microsoft has combined the power of WorkPlace Analytics with the data produced by Office 365.

What is Workplace Analytics?

According to Microsoft’s website, Workplace Analytics, is “is a cloud-based service that provides business leaders with unprecedented insights about how people spend their time, and who they spend it with”. By analyzing an organization’s aggregate, anonymous data generated from the use of tools like Microsoft 365 apps using Workplace Analytics with My Analytics, company leaders can better understand their employee’s collaboration patterns and productivity. Using the data, leaders can develop better learning, sales, and overall business strategy.

How can Vitalyst help?

As a Microsoft Gold Partner for the last decade and two-time Microsoft Partner of the Year winner, Vitalyst has helped thousands of business and technology leaders across all industries navigate all types of business climates and challenges, through humanizing technology.

Powered by Microsoft’s Project Cortex and Work Place Analytics solutions, Vitalyst’s Knowledge and Insights Practice helps customers examine key workplace culture and collaboration behaviors and their impact on the bottom line.  When paired with Vitalyst's revolutionary Adaptive Learning Platform, business leaders can bring these powerful insights to action, effectively closing the skill gap, boosting productivity, and building a more cohesive remote work culture.

Analytics will measure and power resilience

It is clear some form of remote work or hybrid work will be the way of the future. Data will be essential for both business leaders and employees to visualize the way they work and measure their resiliency.

Gartner says simply, but powerfully, “ and analytics are key to a successful digital business.”

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