Productivity—how can it be improved? Insights in Teams

Now that the most of the world has transitioned to remote work (you can check out our tips for working from here, and here), employees and their leaders have had to address the problem of productivity.

The trust and balance required to work effectively and efficiently from home adds to an already long list of work-from-home complications. Managers and leaders need to have confidence in their team’s ability to stay on task without the physical reassurance of checking in on their progress during a causal run in at the office. So too do employees and their leaders need ensure that work doesn’t overflow into their personal life—we no longer have a commute to signal the beginning and end of our days.

This has given technology creators the opportunity to build solutions to fill these needs. And they have.

Meet Insights for Teams

Microsoft has long been an industry leader in the analytics space, with tools like My Analytics and Workplace Analytics. But, this month, Microsoft is bringing these insights right into their Teams app, to power wellbeing and productivity.

According to Microsoft, with Insights "individuals, managers, and business leaders will get insights and recommended actions to achieve a better day, a better week, and a better experience for themselves, their teams, and their organizations.”

What will Insights include? How will it help productivity?

Personal Insights

Coming in early 2021, Microsoft will be rolling out new Personal insights. These will include a virtual commute, to help signal the beginning and end of the day, reminders to schedule breaks, and emotional check experience to help you better connect with teammates.

Insights for Managers

For managers, who have been carrying and supporting their teams in the transition to remote work, insights coming this October will help them “gain line of sight into teamwork norms such as after-hours collaboration, focus time, and meeting effectiveness”.  Early next year, managers will be able to implement change programs to help their teams work more productively and maintain balance while working from home.  

Insights for Leaders

Starting in October, Workplace Analytics will power insights that will give leaders a clearer vision of their organization’s health. These insights will help leaders answer these and other questions like, “Are employees at risk for burnout? Are people maintaining strong internal connections? Are relationships with customers being maintained?”.

How can you leverage these insights?

As a Microsoft Gold and FastTrack Ready Partner, we here at Vitalyst have worked with over 400 organizations across all industries to help them maximize the use and value of their Microsoft investments, like Teams. To learn more about how our products and services can help you leverage Insights in Teams, check out our Adaptive Learning Platform, here.

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