Work from home resolutions for 2021

As we look to the New Year, most of us come up with resolutions we would like to stick to for the next 365 days. From cutting out sugar to exercising, resolutions can be all across the board.

The present reality of working from home and the likely future of hybrid work have caused us to get creative when thinking about our goals for next year. To hopefully inspire and encourage you, we here at Vitalyst have rounded up a few of our top work from home resolutions for 2021:

1. Keep a clean work area  

Inevitably, work areas during this remote work period are not just for work—sometimes they double as dinner tables, living room areas, and, yes, ironing boards. No matter where or what your work area is, it is important to keep it clutter free. Not being tidy has a cost—experts say you can actually feel messiness draining your positive energy and making you stressed. The same professionals recommend a simple rule when it comes to being more clean—if you can organize or clean it in 30 seconds, do it immediately! This is the first step to a cleaner work area, and is an easy resolution to keep!

2. Get up and go!

When we were in the office, we had to get up from our desk to get water, go to meetings, and walk with our coworkers to our favorite lunch spot. This meant we moved around exponentially more than we did at home. Another great resolution for 2021 is incorporating movement into your workday. Start with walking or standing during one meeting a day. Or, if your goal is to be cleaner, spend 5 minutes every hour organizing a part of a room in your home. Certain apps and calendar reminders can also give you the nudge you need to get up and go, and start 2021 on the right foot.

3. Make work life balance a priority

As the pandemic endures, the lines between work and home have continued to blur. Making the distinction between work ending and life with loved ones beginning is difficult—and lack of separation leads to meeting and work fatigue, stress, and dissatisfaction. Some new technology features, like the soon to come virtual commute from Microsoft Teams, will give users a definitive start and stop to their workday. We’ve previously written about some tips to reduce work stress and help you focus on your life—start by shortening meeting times, using focus status, and silencing your applications after 5 or 6pm.

We hope sharing these work from home resolutions motivates you to make your own work resolutions for 2021—and we here at Vitalyst wish you a happy and healthy New Year!

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