This is Thirty

Thirty years ago, where were you? Buying your first car? Starting your first job? In tech terms…the floppy disk was standard, fax was the predominant form of electronic communication for businesses, and Microsoft released Windows 3.1.   For Vitalyst, we first opened our doors 30 years ago as PC Helps with a brand-new idea to help users navigate the changing technology landscape. 30 years later we are still providing enterprise class support services to end users with a significantly expanded portfolio of solutions.  

pc1992A Look Back 

In 1992, many company’s end-users did not have the ability to sustain productivity and meet company objectives due to their lack of knowledge and expertise in a world of evolving technology.  Turnaround times were measured in days and not hours. Enter PC Helps/Vitalyst - a team of 24 x 7, North American based software consultants providing on demand live support to clients via the telephone.    



Vitalyst celebrates 30 years of providing training and adoptions services that impact the human side of transformation across all industries.  In a cloud first, hybrid work world, resources are critical  to engage and retain employees and Vitalyst’s 30-year tradition of providing those resources continues. 

As an Alithya company and a repeat Microsoft US Partner Winner, our commitment to helping clients build the skills for modern work is stronger than ever! 

Thank you to all of our customers for supporting our success.  We look forward to another 30 years.   

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