The Sunday Scaries……………..

While Halloween is considered a scary holiday, the weekend is often understandably described as the best two days of the week; however, for many, they may feel “The Sunday Scaries”. What are the “The Sunday Scaries”? Some folks find that Sunday is marked by increased pre-work anxiety. Sundays for many are spent worrying about the week to come, and for some, they may be worrying if their employee’s effectiveness in the workplace is impacted by a lack of training.

Learning and training can be scary to some, but with our Adaptive Learning Platform we can take some of the fright out of the topic. With Adaptive Learning, we can supplement your learning management system/and or Viva Learning platform with human centric training that goes hand in hand with your organization’s existing curriculum. Training doesn’t have to be scary when your organization has Adaptive Learning and Vitalsyt there helping to improve the employee experience.

Human-Centered Training Solution

Humans, our real-life end users, are the foundation for all the training services that come together in Adaptive Learning.

  • Adaptive Learning focuses on training solutions provided by live experts in an empathetic, personal manner where end users feel heard and valued.

  • End users have access to 24x7 enterprise-class, on-demand expert support and training services including:

  • Standard and customized instructor-led training

  • Personalized one-on-one coaching sessions

  • On-demand “how-to” support via chat or click to call

  • Adaptive Learning includes unlimited access to award winning Microsoft 365 training content that is continuously updated by our experts:



Active 365
Continuous Learning Guides and Videos


HUB-HP-Tile (1)
Self-paced Learning

Videos and Skill Tracks



Help Me kNow

Reference Guides





Added Value

  • Simple to install and launch
  • Free communications package
  • Free platform training resources
  • Custom webinars, guides, & tiles
  • Custom platform branding
  • Inform Me
  • Access anytime through mobile Teams app
  • Access to over 100,000 videos/courses in 8 different languages


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