Take the fear out of employee learning with the right tool

In the face of technological change—or any change—people often resist. When it comes to the workplace, employees are hesitant to use new technology, as they fear their inexperience will make them appear incompetent. Because of the rapid changes in software and applications, the growing skills gap that comes along with technology can be a huge hurdle for businesses.

Consider the results of a few recent studies:

  • 70% of employees report they do not have the skills needed to properly do their jobs.
  • 99% of learning and development professionals said if skills gaps aren't closed there will be negative business effects.
  • 94% of employees say they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their learning and development.

When people are too embarrassed to admit they do not know how to use technology or do not feel comfortable asking for more training, they will not use it—further widening the skills gap. This attitude towards technology will disrupt 1.4 million U.S. jobs in the next five years.

While employees themselves must assume some of the responsibility—after all, the squeaky wheel gets the grease—businesses must also take steps to close the skills gap.

Step one: Assess your workforce

Companies need to evaluate which skills are currently lacking in their business and which ones they will need to cultivate for the near future. Since the onset of working from home and the future of hybrid work, being able to evaluate your employee’s strengths and weaknesses seems like an obstacle. But tech enterprises have recognized this need and created solutions to help businesses understand how their workforce is engaging with each other and the technology they are using.

One solution is Vitalyst’s Knowledge and Insights practice. Powered by Microsoft’s Project Cortex and Workplace Analytics solutions, our practice helps organizations better understand their current work culture by examining their collaboration and teamwork efforts while also providing actionable insights to improve your overall meeting culture, management, and employee engagement.

Step two: Give them the resources they need to make the change

Additionally, enterprises must ensure employees have the right learning tools. Providing workers with a comprehensive and intuitive learning solution creates an outlet and culture that fosters growth.

Vitalyst’s Adaptive Learning Platform  is a complete and robust learning tool. Adaptive learning gives users direct access to enterprise-class training services, delivered through our Learn Now App in Teams. Through its wide range of learning mediums, the Adaptive Learning Platform will allow your workforce to better leverage the applications they use every day.

The full version of the Adaptive Learning Platform provides businesses and their workforce with access to:

  • Vitalyst Software Coaching & Support​​
  • Vitalyst Live Training
  • Vitalyst Active 365® Continuous Learning & Video Library​
  • Help Me kNow Hub

Jumpstart employee learning with Vitalyst

The time is now to begin supporting your employees and their training needs. Remote work in some capacity is here to stay, and hybrid work is fast becoming the present—meaning the work environment is only going to become more complex. Technology can help your workforce navigate the unknown, but only if they are prepared and equipped. Start closing the skills gap in your company by investing in resilient learning solutions today.

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