Keep Employees Aligned & Engaged with Microsoft’s New Viva Goals

“Without goals, and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination.”

— Fitzhugh Dodson


Aiming at your target, setting goals and executing on projects are crucial in any business. Measuring key results is essential to helping a team collaborate toward an objective or goal and utilize their resources effectively to hit their business “targets” in a timely manner. Now, more than ever, employees feel it’s very important for their employer to provide a sense of purpose and meaning at work. Without identified goals and measurable results, companies risk wasting resources and focus due to the lack of clear direction. The importance of utilizing a clear goal-setting framework is apparent in its impact on a company’s bottom line. 

Microsoft Viva Goals is a new solution that helps organizations digitally align and manage their business goals within the employee experience as part of the Microsoft Viva suite. This new module supports the objectives and key results (OKR) goal-setting framework that organically produces alignment between the work done by employees and an organization’s crucial business objectives. By bringing OKRs into Microsoft Teams, an organization can integrate goals into an employee’s flow of work and help them understand their impact. Using Viva Goals makes it easier for employees to stay updated on organizational objectives and key priorities via automated reminders and connected data sources, like Tableau. Users can share OKRs and their progress across the organization with quick links and customized dashboards.  

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Why Viva Goals? 

Creating clarity: With one centralized source for goal setting, monitoring progress, and assessing success across your organization, you create clarity for your team and connect daily work to outcomes while staying aligned at all levels.

Focusing teams on impact, not output: Shift focus from effort and activity to impact and outcomes, share progress across your organization with customizable dashboards that turn data into insights, and stay agile at scale.  

Bringing goals into the flow of everyday work: Keep goals top-of-mind by bringing information and outcomes into the applications your teams are already using, like Microsoft Teams, ADO, and the most popular data and project management tools.

Viva Goals provides visibility into your company’s strategic goals, helps you to focus on the OKRs you own, displays how the projects you’re working on impact the critical OKRs of your organization, and makes presenting progress at business meetings a seamless process.

If you are looking to align your company’s strategic objectives with employee performance contact Vitalyst today. Vitalyst is an award-winning Microsoft partner that helps clients deploy and adopt Microsoft solutions, like Viva Goals, through our Enablement Services and Adaptive Learning platform. 

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