Looking ahead: How can you transform your employee experience in 2021

A recent report conducted by Pega about technology and the future of work revealed some powerful insights. According to their research, 65% of leaders view technology as “an avenue to achieving higher quality work”. The same survey reported half of leaders and IT staff believe technology will be the key to create more reliable work.  

And big tech has responded.  To pave the way for the future of work, Microsoft has pumped up or produced tools to help organizations prepare for what is to come in 2021 and beyond. To aid the workforce as they work from home or transition to hybrid work, Microsoft has added incredible features to their suite. In Teams, which has just reached 115 million daily average users, Microsoft built in productivity tools to help employee’s beat remote meeting fatigue and work efficiently. To give leaders visibility no matter where their workforce is, Microsoft’s Workplace Analytics analyzes an enterprises’ data produced by Microsoft 365 app usage. This data reveals key collaboration metrics, which in turn empowers leaders to develop a better overall business strategy.

But the powerful potential these tools can bring a company and its workforce is lost if employees are not equipped to use them. And 70% of employees state that they do not have the skills they need to do their job successfully. This skill gap may be due to a lack of IT leadership or resources, which leaves the workforce and company at risk for “low morale, burnout, and turnover”.

How can your company prepare for the future of work?

Learning and development programs will be essential in preparing for the future of work, by allowing employees to improve their digital skills.  A report from Gartner showed 53% of employees expect they’ll need upskilling to keep pace with the digitization of the workplace. As we discussed in one of our previous posts, a comprehensive learning tool can drive an enterprises learning and development plan. It should aim to support various styles while including a live help component, to help employees troubleshoot day to day problems. This type of learning tool will help employees digital skill and upskill in a way that best suits them, while reducing the burden on an organization’s internal IT staff.

Can Vitalyst help?

As a Microsoft Gold Partner for the last decade and two-time Microsoft Partner of the Year winner, Vitalyst has helped thousands of businesses and employees transform the way they work, through humanizing technology.

Our organization has spent the past 25 years creating learning tools and services to help enterprises across all industries better leverage and understand their technology tool set.  Our services include:

The Adaptive Learning Platform

Built leveraging Microsoft Azure Services, Vitalyst’s Adaptive Learning Platform provides customers with direct access to enterprise-class training services, delivered through our Learn Now App in Teams. Through its wide range of learning mediums, the Adaptive Learning Platform will allow your workforce to better leverage the applications they use every day.

The full version of the Adaptive Learning Platform provides businesses and their workforce with access to:

  • Vitalyst Software Coaching & Support​​
  • Vitalyst Live Training
  • Vitalyst Active 365® Continuous Learning & Video Library​
  • Help Me kNow Hub

Vitalyst Knowledge and Insights

Powered by Microsoft’s Project Cortex and Workplace Analytics solutions, Vitalyst’s Knowledge and Insights Practice helps customers examine key workplace culture and collaboration behaviors and their impact on the bottom line.  When paired with Vitalyst’s revolutionary Adaptive Learning Platform, business leaders can bring these powerful insights to action, effectively closing the skill gap, boosting productivity, and building a more cohesive work culture.

Prepare for the future of work, today – with Vitalyst

The future of a mix of a digital and in person work environment is fast becoming the present. Leaders across all industries should be begin preparing today to improve their employee’s experience, and ultimately allow them to create higher quality work.

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