Fostering a Global Network with Efficient, Accessible, End-User Support Services

TRC Companies Inc. is a global consulting, construction, engineering, and management firm with 50 years of experience in delivering digitally integrated, environmentally focused solutions to a variety of markets. From decarbonizing energy systems to constructing high-standard healthcare facilities, TRC has emerged as a leader in the professional services space and has rapidly grown in recent years with nearly 6,500 employees in over 150 offices globally, including Canada, China, India, and the UK.

With plans to continue expanding through acquisitions and developing services, TRC had to reevaluate their means of supporting a hybrid workforce. Simply hiring more internal staff to meet the demands of onboarding, training, and providing ongoing support to new employees was impractical as delivering these types of services in-house can be burdensome and costly. TRC needed an easier and more sustainable way to support their employees at scale.

“As the company grew and adapted to a hybrid model, we recognized we had to transform how we supported our employees. Partnering with Vitalyst provides us with the scalability we needed as a company.”

Rob Petrone, VP, Information Technology

Supporting a growing workforce with customized employee onboarding
Originally utilizing Vitalyst for end user how-to application support and managed helpdesk capabilities, TRC has since then expanded their legacy contract to include additional services to meet the needs of their organization. TRC now leverages Vitalyst to manage all IT helpdesk tickets, Microsoft how-to support, and new employee onboarding. With the help of Vitalyst, TRC can now onboard staff quickly, provide new employees with customized training, and easily scale up support as needed with Vitalyst’s cost-for-growth service model.

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