Dynamics 365: Empower your enterprise with AI driven data

Remote and hybrid work has forever changed the way businesses operate internally, as well as how they interact with customers or potential clients. Data and analytics has been essential in helping organizations visualize and navigate the current environment. One thing has become clear— those who have invested in an intelligent customer relationship management (CRM) or an enterprise planning tool (ERP) are well positioned to thrive in the modern workplace. While their competitors may be stuck with siloed CRM solutions, these businesses understand the criticality of a fully integrated, intelligent CRM/ERP to develop customer relationships and drive organizational objectives.

To create a balanced, complete solution, Microsoft developed Dynamics 365. Learn more about the software and how it can be leveraged in your company below.

What is Dynamics 365?

According to Microsoft’s website, Dynamics “is a set of intelligent business applications that helps you run your entire business and deliver greater results through predictive, AI-driven insights.” The applications are built for every aspect of the business process—from sales and marketing, connected field service, to commerce. Microsoft states that businesses can “choose one, some, or all” of their Dynamics apps. Every application, no matter their combination, will run seamlessly together to create a tailored, comprehensive solution for your business needs. Dynamics can be further customized by integrating with other Microsoft solutions, like Azure and 365, as well as other industry tools. Dynamics 365 promises to “accelerate results across your business”, by providing an inclusive, end to end data visualization of your company.

How can Vitalyst help businesses maximize the capabilities of Dynamics 365?

For over 25 years, Vitalyst has been the leader in the learning and development solutions space. We have carefully curated a program designed to help organizations successfully implement Dynamics 365 by placing the focus on the end user. Our Digital Adoption Solution for Dynamics includes:

  • Adoption program design, customized by our certified content designer for your business objectives.
  • A comprehensive video library platform, equipped with product based and scenario based training proven to drive effective end adoption of D365and related apps
  • Bespoke training content, built in multiple formats to meet the learning needs of your employees.
  • One on one software coaching, from 100% U.S. based, expert level, on demand advisors.

Prepare for the future of work—with Vitalyst and Dynamics 365

With Vitalyst’s powerful end user learning solutions, your company can begin to fully take advantage of all that Dynamics has to offer. By implementing our services, your employees and enterprise will be able to transform products and services through proactive data insights, automate processes, and innovate with new business models. Begin empowering your workforce with Dynamics 365 today.

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