Continuous digital transformation is a journey—let Vitalyst be your guide

Digital transformation is not a new concept. Some consider it to be an overused term, especially given the accelerated pace of digitization as a result of the pandemic.

The necessary shift to remote and hybrid work has revealed gaps in some organizations’ strategy to become more digital. To survive the rest of 2021 and beyond, businesses need to reconsider their digital transformation approach.

How can your enterprise rethink digital transformation?

As discussed in a previous blog, digital transformation should be considered a constant process. When thought of this way, continuous digital transformation can be understood as process of skilling end users to be proficient in digital technologies, at the pace of technology change, to meet shifting business and market requirements.

How can Vitalyst guide your enterprise?

Vitalyst has a history of leading businesses and their workforces through revolutions in technology. In its infancy, our company aided our customers in learning how to use floppy disks and set up their P.C.’s. Now, our solutions and services help our customers better leverage their day-to-day applications, like Teams, Excel, or Edge, as well as more advanced systems—like Dynamics 365 and Workplace Analytics.

Our services include:

The Adaptive Learning Platform

Built leveraging Microsoft Azure Services, Vitalyst’s Adaptive Learning Platform provides customers with direct access to enterprise-class training services, delivered through our Learn Now App in Teams. Through its wide range of learning mediums, the Adaptive Learning Platform will allow your workforce to better leverage the applications they use every day.

The full version of the Adaptive Learning Platform provides businesses and their workforce with access to:

  • Vitalyst Software Coaching & Support​​
  • Vitalyst Live Training
  • Vitalyst Active 365® Continuous Learning & Video Library​
  • Help Me kNow Hub

Vitalyst Knowledge and Insights

Powered by Microsoft’s Project Cortex and Workplace Analytics solutions, Vitalyst’s Knowledge and Insights Practice helps customers examine key workplace culture and collaboration behaviors and their impact on the bottom line.  When paired with Vitalyst’s revolutionary Adaptive Learning Platform, business leaders can bring these powerful insights to action, effectively closing the skill gap, boosting productivity, and building a more cohesive work culture.

Vitalyst Digital Adoption Solution for Dynamics

We have carefully curated a program designed to help organizations successfully implement Dynamics 365 by placing the focus on the end user. Our Digital Adoption Solution for Dynamics includes:

  • Adoption program design, customized by our certified content designer for your business objectives.
  • A comprehensive video library platform, equipped with product based and scenario based training proven to drive effective end adoption of D365and related apps
  • Bespoke training content, built in multiple formats to meet the learning needs of your employees.
  • One on one software coaching, from 100% U.S. based, expert level, on-demand advisors

Start your continuous digital transformation journey with Vitalyst

One thing is for certain—technology will continue to evolve, and so too will the skills required to use it. Begin investing solutions and services that will empower your workforce to make the most of the technology they use daily, at the pace of change.

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We look forward to helping you on your journey to Digital Transformation.

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