3 ways to improve the employee experience in 2021

One thing is certain—the pandemic has forever altered the way we work. Lockdowns, work from home requirements, and the digitization of the workplace has created record levels of stress and worry, ultimately shaping our professional relationships and revealing the need for enterprises to invest in their employee’s experiences and wellbeing.

This blog shares three simple ways to enhance your employee’s experiences, starting today.

1. Make employee experience a part of your corporate culture

This is a call to action for managers and leaders, as they often bear the responsibility of shaping an organization’s culture. Leaders can ensure the employee experience is incorporated into their culture through a variety of ways. A simple start is for managers to analyze how they are engaging with their employees—do they have time set aside for one-on-one meetings? How are they getting and giving feedback? Is the time spent with their employees meaningful, used to truly connect with each other? These modest measures can have a huge impact, giving leaders the pulse on employee satisfaction and wellbeing.

2. Ensure workers have the right tools

A successful flexible work environment requires a set of technology tools that effectively bridge the gap between onsite and remote workers. Microsoft has been at the helm of creating technology for the traditional workplace, and so too has pivoted to meet the needs of a hybrid world. Microsoft Teams is arguably the one stop shop for flexible workforces, bringing together best-in-class chat, video, file storing, and virtual conferencing technologies into one simple app. Not only is Teams cost-effective, but it also integrates easily into the rest of the Microsoft 365 environment, including Dynamics 365. In short, employees should be given the best technology that allows them to connect and collaborate with ease—making them feel in sync with their coworkers, anywhere.


3. Level-up employee skilling

A recent survey from eLearning Industry revealed this powerful statistic:

"76% of employees believe their companies should provide more digital skills training; only 44% said their employers currently do so"

It’s clear—employees want digital skills training, which ultimately improves their proficiency with technology and their experiences while working. Employee learning should be personal, engaging, dynamic, and meet the needs of a diverse workforce. Vitalyst’s Adaptive Learning Platform does those things and more, right in our Learn Now Microsoft Teams app. The platform offers 24x7 on-demand support through chat, email, or a phone call, meaning employees get the help they need from a real person, anytime. Adaptive Learning also offers live webinars, a repository of videos and guides, as well as self-paced learning resources. Organizations can also upload their custom content to Adaptive Learning, further tailoring training to the needs of every businesses’ workforce.


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